“I am very pleased with the staff of STAR Physical Therapy. The staff is swift and thorough in accessing our patients requiring therapy for acute or chronic disease states. I also like the swift receipt of written assessments as well as the flexibility in patient scheduling.”
-Juanita Alexander-Sallier, PA from Valentine Medical Center

“I like coming to STAR Physical Therapy because I feel its helped me. My legs are getting stronger. I like the staff here, they are very professional and know what they are doing. They listen to you, and if you experience pain, they take it easier on you. Kristen (one of our Physical Therapy Assistants) is my favorite. She is very professional and kind.”
– James

“After numerous wrong diagnoses by my doctors, Rachel (at STAR Physical Therapy) was able to correctly diagnose and treat my back pain. It has since disappeared and has never returned!”
– Frank S.

“What a gift from God (you) have been to me for this short season of my life! I came in physically hurting, and I am leaving ready to tackle the world for the next phase of my life…”
– Suzanne B.

“STAR Physical Therapy is the BEST physical therapy center I have even been to. Not only were the therapists helpful, but you could tell that they actually cared about you as a person. They were aggressive towards my healing. It was their number one priority to help me feel better. Another great thing about STAR was that I was never alone. A technician was always by my side so I knew that if anything happened, I would always be safe. Everyone at STAR was extremely friendly. Every technician, therapist, and receptionist knew me by name and would ask me how I was feeling, even if I was not their patient for the day. At STAR Physical Therapy, I felt like I was a part of their team. Everyone was so positive every step of the way. They were genuinely concerned about getting my knee better. I highly recommend going to STAR for any of your physical therapy needs. I walked through the doors barely hobbling in, and I left walking strongly and proudly with a healed knee, a positive attitude, and the best physical therapy experience I could ask for!”
– Madeline M.

“I’ve been going to STAR Physical Therapy for almost 3 weeks now for recent major back surgery. I have to say that this is the most friendly business I have ever been to. Every person working there has made me feel welcome and that they care. The staff is highly trained and professional. I have seen 3 of the Physical Therapists and they are all amazing. They have a sincere concern for the well being of their patients… not a fake kind of care. They seem to love what they do and they show it. I highly recommend STAR Physical Therapy.”
– Rachel C.

“The therapist and the staff at Star are fantastic!!!! They have made me feel welcome from the first time I walked through the door. I can not say enough wonderful things about Star!!!”
– Mindy D.

“Very pleasant experience at Star Physical Therapy in Covington. I was not pleased when my Orthopedist told me I was going to this new place (I had seen another group a few years ago), but he said he’d heard good things and this is where he wanted me now.

I’ve been coming for over 3 months and I have never waited to be seen more than 3 minutes. Every one of the staff knows who I am and how to work with me. So, not only are their notes and procedures in order, but they are all great judges of Character!

Best for last: now I can transition from PT to fitness workouts with trainers who know my physical challenges and great commitment to helping me improve. Keep it up!”
– Barbara C.