Short on time? High Deductibles? High Co-pays? Don’t let these prevent you from Living YOUR Best Life! STAR Physical Therapy has a 3-visit protocol that allows you to take control of your rehabilitation process and get the results you want and need.

  • Visit One: Comprehensive Evaluation by your therapist, determine treatment plan and goals, full treatment session.
  • Visit Two: Full treatment session PLUS an independent exercise program specific to your needs.
  • Visit Three: Your Physical Therapist will create a plan for you to follow in one of our affidated fitness centers so you continue to make great progress and have the best chance of reaching your goals.

There are NO more excuses to get past whatever condition is holding you back from “Living YOUR Best Life!”

Since PT is a medically based profession, these services are covered by most medical insurance plans with limited out of pocket costs. For those without insurance, we will create a personalized program for as little as $50 a month!