Fall Risk Program

Medicare Protocols (2 falls in last year or any fall with injury in last year). 3 questions: Have you fallen in last year, do you feel unsteady when walking, do you fear falling? Timed Up and Go; 30 second chair stand; Single leg stance

If positive, physical therapy evaluation and treatment is initiated.


  • 1. Comprehensive Evaluation including all contributory musculoskeletal conditions
  • 2. Assessment for orthostatic hypotension
  • 3. Functional balance testing, recorded as a percentage of disability
  • 4. Bilateral Quads strength, Bilateral Hip Abduction strength
  • 5. Vestibular compromise


  • 1. Quad and hip abductor strengthening to goals (in lbs).
  • 2. Functional balance training
  • 3. Lifestyle / Home training for safety
  • 4. Address contributory biomechanical factors including posture, pain, injury
  • 5. Gait training
  • 6. Core strengthening
  • 7. Vestibular Rehab.
  • 8. General conditioning

Post Treatment

  • 1. Complimentary month membership to health club + 2 sessions with our Personal Trainer to commence ongoing comprehensive exercise program.
  • 2. Physical Therapist communicates with Personal Trainer on each patient to ensure safety and efficacy of fitness program.